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Your Ascent Starts Here

Welcome Aboard

Your Journey Has Begun

Pre-Flight Briefing

During this discovery meeting we will explore your needs, objectives and desired outcome for seeking professional financial advice. We’ll share with you more about our company, vision and how we help our clients prepare for financial freedom and flexibility. After this meeting, we can determine if there is a good FIT for us to work together. 

Prepare for Takeoff

Once we have established there is a FIT we engage a client/fiduciary advisor relationship. So we can begin! A retainer will be collected at this time (see Compensation below). SkyWealth will provide you with a client questionnaire and Financial Organizer for you to complete before our next meeting, Strategy Development.

Strategy Development

During this meeting we will review the Sky Client Questionnaire andFinancial Organizer together, clarifying your needs, goals and desires. We’ll begin to offer some solution alternatives. Education and knowledge are of utmost importance. At SkyWealth, we want you to understand the pros and cons of the financial vehicles to consider as we begin plotting out your new “flight path.” 

Solution Implementation

This is when the plan to move you towards your financial goals begins step by step in order of importance to you. Our evaluation may uncover the need to engage additional professionals including an estate attorney, tax specialist or CPA.

Reach Cruising Altitude

Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight. Once your core financial plan is established, we will review, manage and make changes when necessary. Life is a journey. Changes are expected. We will guide you throughout your journey.


During Step 2, Prepare For Takeoff, we can determine the extent of your needs. Most clients desire a fiduciary advisor relationship. You will be presented with three options, compensation packages, so that you can choose the level of involvement you desire.

Take the First Step

Reach out to us to begin your journey.

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