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Our Approach to Aligning Your Wealth Strategy with Your Life Ambitions

Successful comprehensive wealth management is like a perfectly composed Swiss watch.

Think about the individual pieces that make up an elegant Swiss timepiece (a watch). It is not until the master watchmaker carefully connects these pieces together in perfect balance and coordination that the timepiece has value. One of Patek Philippe's watches, for example, sells for $750,000. If you received all of the pieces unassembled, what value would that represent to you?

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In regard to comprehensive wealth management, most people have “pieces” of the watch or wealth plan.

These pieces might represent your investment accounts, life insurance policies, a CPA handling your taxes, a college savings fund, retirement planning or even an estate plan. Yet without a “master watchmaker” to align and coordinate your pieces, your wealth plan will not be optimal.

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You deserve a wealth advisor who masterfully combines and balances all of these pieces together.

That’s how we create a wealth plan maximized for you now, for your future and for your children. Twenty years of wealth management experience makes Roman Inochovsky comparable to this watchmaker.

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Get Started with a Comprehensive Financial Review

Receive an unbiased comprehensive review of all aspects of your financial life, including investments, life insurance, retirement planning, protection and taxation. Your review will answer the questions:

  • Are you on track for retirement? When? How much? How long?
  • Do you have a downside protection strategy?
  • Is your family and business protected: life insurance, estate plan, creditor protected?
  • Are fees & taxes eating away your growth potential?
  • Do you have appropriate asset allocation for this stage in your life?
  • Are you aware of the tax consequences of your investments & products now and during retirement?
  • What are your biggest concerns about funding the retirement you desire as long as you live?

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