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Services We Provide

Specializing in Your Life Fulfillment

Your Desired Lifestyle is Within Reach

We Help You Make Your Dreams a Reality

Accumulation of money is only half of the journey. Too many people focus on rates of return while fees and taxes sabotage actual growth. Distribution is the second half of the journey. We begin with the end in mind and that is creating a future distribution of enough money to live your desired lifestyle as long as you live. 

Through our process, our goal is to create the best wealth growth and protection strategies possible with a focus on maximum spendable income during retirement for our clients. We are specialists in maximizing and optimizing income at a time when it matters. 

Orchestrating Every Aspect of Your Wealth Picture

Areas we address for our sophisticated clientele:

Financial Planning

Protection Planning

Investment Management

Education Planning

Retirement Planning

Estate Planning

Business men on laptops at a desk

Virtual Multi-Family Office Services

At SWA, we also have a small core group of professionals with a particular expertise and a diverse network of specialists on call.

Our virtual family office can provide not only coordinated solutions that are in accord with your wants and needs, but a much broader array of high-impact solutions.

What Path Will You Take?

Working with us means your wealth plan will be customized to fit your needs and desires. If you’d like to learn more about what we offer, reach out to discuss.

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